Life is Simple: Just Add Water

Did you know water can heal the body in several ways? We all know that drinking enough water can improve our health. Drinking the appropriate amount can increase our energy, clear up our skin, improve our digestion and has MANY other benefits! So of course I am going to tell you to drink more water, but here is another way we can use water in our daily routines.

Hydrotherapy is a tool used by Naturopathic Doctors. Chances are you have probably already experienced it in one way or another throughout your life. It is the use of water in a healing nature and can be extremely powerful at healing the body with little work required!

One of my favourite ways to use Hydrotherapy is in the form of CONTRAST SHOWERS.

It’s a simple alternation between hot and cold water throughout your shower. For example, if you usually have a 12 minute shower you can use the 3 to 1 ratio of hot to cold. This means you would turn on your hot water for 3 minutes, switch to cold for 1 minute, and then repeat 3-4 times. Remember to ALWAYS end on cold!

The hot water allows your blood vessels to dilate, allowing your blood to flow smoothly through the vessels. When we switch to cold, it constricts them. This creates a pump-like action which improves our circulation!

This simple shower technique can improve circulation, increase energy (especially in the mornings), help with recovery of sore or overworked muscles, improve your digestion and allow the body to get into REST and DIGEST phase.

If cold water isn’t exactly your thing, especially during these cold winter months, you can start out with a small contrast. So, going from a hot temperature to a lukewarm temperature at first. Then slowly get colder with a larger contrast over time. Set a goal for yourself! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how quickly this can become enjoyable and you are able to reap all of the benefits!

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