Treat the Whole Person

Tolle Totum

Naturopathic Doctors treat the whole body, and the whole person. As mentioned, we take a full, extensive health history, including mental health, emotional health and physical health. You may be coming to us with one concern, but we want to see what else is happening in your body and where we can help augment that healing process.

We don’t treat one symptom. We treat the whole body. You may come in with a headache concern, but leave learning that your digestion is also not working well. And maybe this is causing your headaches, for example. We help make those connections with you. We help facilitate that mind body connection by treating the whole body and not an individual symptom. Our mind is as important a piece to the puzzle as our physical health.

As an ND, I help work with you to find an individualized treatment plan for you. Everyone is unique, so treatment should be unique too, right? Maybe that headache is caused by your bowels being sluggish. Someone else may come in with a headache, but bowels are working well, and we decide their course of treatment through further exploration. I think educating you on this is important. Understanding that we don’t do the same thing for everyone, and that each person that walks through these doors has a different story and we listen to that story and learn who you are and what is going to help you on your healing path. Sometimes just being asked how your mood is, or where your stress levels are is enough to make you feel heard and to trust this process. We are hear to listen about every single one of your problems and help work through them together and at your own pace.

Come find out what we can do for you, and where your treatment plan will take you!

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