Doctor as Teacher


I think this is my absolute favourite part of my profession. Doctor as teacher. It just sounds great, right?

What does it mean? It means that after learning about your health, your concerns, your background and of course your poop, we actually sit and have the conversation about what might be happening. Whether it is that you have undergone a stressful life and your adrenals need some loving, or your gut needs to heal and your acne will clear up. There are so many different paths of healing and as mentioned, it’s different for every single one of you.

Education is SO important when it comes to our health. After being in post-secondary school for eight years, I can vouch that education is a big portion to this profession. We not only provide a treatment that is treating the root of your problem, but we explain WHY we are doing it. Maybe those headaches and sluggish bowels are a magnesium deficiency. Because a magnesium deficiency is common in North America as our soils are depleted in this important mineral. When we replenish it, it helps move our bowels and helps reduce the inflammation that might be causing our headaches. Maybe the food you’ve been putting into your body for the past 20 years, has decided to cause inflammation in your gut. And this is causing your skin to break out as if you were a teenager again! Yes, we are known to tell someone to eliminate some foods, but it doesn’t mean forever. It’s a matter of detoxing the gut for a few weeks, so it can decrease inflammation and be able to digest your favourite foods again.

There is SO much to Naturopathic Medicine and the education about your health. Sometimes something as simple as having one extra glass of water, or even a glass of red wine a night (because it is actually recommended with a Mediterranean diet), or just increasing your healthy fats – can make a world of difference to your energy!

We aren’t here to totally turn your life upside down because you can’t have ice cream anymore. We are here to prevent the decline in your quality of life. To catch the root cause, so that once it’s treated you feel good, and you feel good for the rest of your life.

So, why wait any longer? Book an appointment with a Naturopathic Doctor and learn about this alternative medicine and how it can benefit you. Nothing to lose, right? Because remember, our first principle is To Do No Harm.

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