Interested in acupuncture but not sure what it’s all about? Here’s a few facts about this amazing tool NDs have to offer!

๐ŸƒAcupuncture is performed by inserting small needles into the skin along organ meridians throughout the body. Naturopaths will do a full Traditional Chinese Medicine intake and create a protocol to help heal the body.

๐ŸƒUsed for digestion, stress, anxiety, eczema, muscle tension, period cramps and PMS, hot flashes, sleep, acid reflux and many other common health concerns.

๐ŸƒUsed in Traditional Chinese Medicine as an energetic tool to help move your Qi (energy) and balance out your body.

๐ŸƒDry needling is used to relieve tough knots and trigger points in sore, tense muscles.

๐ŸƒAcupuncture is another tool used for relaxation, and is not a painful treatment. It benefits the body in a variety of ways.