Identify and Treat the Root Cause

Tolle Causum

This principle is probably one of the more important of the five for Naturopathic Medicine. This is what we do. We find the ROOT CAUSE of your disease. We don’t find a medication to suppress and just make it disappear, we take the time to do the research and figure out what is really truly causing your concern. When we figure this out, we treat it from within. Yes, sometimes antacids seem to help your heartburn, but did you know heartburn can actually be caused by too little stomach acid as opposed to too much? So, an antacid might be doing more harm than good. Remember, First Do No Harm. This is where we come in and we figure that out for you. That is just one example!

As an ND we view your symptoms as the body’s natural attempt to heal. Sometimes your symptoms could be caused by something in your environment, a food you’re eating, your daily lifestyle, your posture and so many other factors.

How do we figure it out? We take the time. We get to know you and your lifestyle, we ask every question that you could imagine. We ask about your poop, we ask about the stress in your life and your daily energy or mood. We go through a dietary history and help pinpoint certain foods that might be causing the issue. We take the time to go through your bloodwork and find any inconsistencies. We do our homework, and we help heal your body from the inside out. We treat the root and help you grow!

Interested in growing your health? Book an appointment with me and I’ll help you get to the top of your tree!

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